Salvage team to attempt refloat of Transocean Winner

Salvage team working on the grounded Transocean Winner has confirmed a refloat of the 17,000 tonne oil rig will be attempted.

Transocean oil rig

Transocean Winner has been grounded on the shores of Lewis, Scotland for almost two weeks. Salvage teams have been working on the rig for some time since it beached itself and it has now been confirmed that attempts to refloat the rig will be attempted when the tide is high this evening (10:00pm).

There was initial prolonging of the floating process, due to the leakage of diesel oil into the sea water. This derived from a hit the rig took when it beached itself on the edge of the Lewis cliff.

The diesel oil has now been transferred onto a supply vessel and deported to Stornoway.

"We are checking and pressurising the tanks that we'll need for the refloating. Everything is installed ready for use and we're testing each compartment for the attempt at tomorrow's high tide." said Sylvia Tervoort, salvage master with Smit Salvage, the group that is working on the salvage of the rig.

"We could have used just one tug, but we have chosen to use two. We are not completely sure about the seabed and the pinnacles sticking in the rig. There are always things in salvage for which you can't account." she adds.

According to Hugh Shaw, the Secretary of State’s representative for Martime Salvage and Intervention, there is still a great deal of work to be done today to ensure that the Transocean Winner can be sent to sea successfully.

"Transocean have successfully transferred approximately 200 tonnes of diesel onto one of the supply vessels, the Olympic Orion and she's back in Stornoway with that this morning," he said.


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