Russia secretly offered North Korea a nuclear plant, says officials


Russian officials sent a secret offer to North Korea last Autumn, says US Officials familiar with the discussions.

As a means of resolving deadlocked negotiations with the Trump administration over the country's nuclear weapons program, Russia sent a proposal to North Korea to intervene in the high-stakes nuclear talks.

According to intelligence officials, Moscow offered North Korea a nuclear power plant in exchange for the dismantlement of the country's nuclear weapons.

Reports say the nature of President Trump's reaction to the offer is uncertain.

As part of the deal, the Russian government offered to operate the plant and transfer all byproducts and waste back to Russia, reducing the risk North Korea would entail by developing nuclear weapons in the plant. 

“The Russians are very opportunistic when it comes to North Korea, and this is not the first time they’ve pursued an energy stake in Korea,” said Victor Cha, a former White House staffer whom the Trump administration considered nominating last year to serve as U.S. ambassador to South Korea.


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