Renewables in Africa (RiA) announces a Media-partnership with Energy Jobline



LONDON, UK – 20th November 2018

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! The clean energy industry is clearly picking up steam and more people than ever are interested to step into the market. Since the start of our company, we have worked diligently encourage and support professionals looking to find their feet in this new arena and we are stepping up our effort.

Renewables in Africa is delighted to officially announce our collaboration with Energy Jobline.

Tony Tiyou, Chief Executive Officer of RiA has this to say: “We’re regularly approached by professionals, young, mature who are simply looking for opportunities in the market and develop and hone their skills into our fantastic industry. Building capacity for the African market is essential to transform the local clean energy economy and it was really a no-brainer for RiA to join force with Energy Jobline”.

Energy Jobline is the leading jobsite in energy and engineering jobs worldwide, providing an online platform for anyone looking for a job in the energy and engineering industry and he highest quality response when employers advertising their jobs. Within the partnership, Renewables in Africa will regularly publicise up to 15 Renewable Energy Jobs in our platform. The collaboration will in time hopefully bring more visibility and awareness about opening in the market for African workforce. At this subject, Hannah Peet, Managing Director of Energy Jobline has declared:

 “The African Renewable Energy market is one of our core focuses for 2018 and beyond, what with the recent growth of the sector in the region. We are incredibly excited to be partnered with a brand that looks to support professionals at every level of their career in Renewables. Our audience is incredibly loyal and engaged, so it was important for us to select a devoted news provider in the Africa region for the latest Renewable Energy happenings

After the collaboration for the Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) Report, Renewables in Africa and Energy Jobline are joining force to strengthen and boost the job market in Africa.



For further information, please do contact:

Tony Tiyou

CEO of Renewables in Africa

About Renewables in Africa (RiA)

Renewables in Africa is a clean Energy Engineering Consultancy providing services in Renewable energy and Energy Management to project developers and investors. RiA is primarily focusing in projects in Africa but will also advise clients for projects in other emerging markets. We provide technical assistance, markets insights and routes to markets to projects developers, investors and clean energy companies.

Renewables in Africa is also a Media platform which vision is to transform Africa and African Lives by leveraging the Power of Renewable Energy. The ambition is to Raise the Technical Awareness about Renewable Energy and Energy Management in the African Continent and disseminate the information. As much as helping businesses primarily, it is also about getting the civil society understanding what they need, what they buy and to some extent as well, how to better use this energy.

About Energy Jobline

Energy Jobline is the leading specialist job board for Energy globally and currently hosts a database of over 750,000 professionals, paired with a client base of over 300 energy employers and agencies, advertising the world’s top energy jobs. Energy Jobline (EJL) offers talented industry professionals exciting opportunities in the Oil & Gas, Renewables, Power, Nuclear and Petrochemicals sectors on a global spectrum.

Energy Jobline focuses heavily on industry mobility and enabling its vast network of talented professionals to move between energy sectors where possible, as well as supporting the global mobilizing of energy employers and candidates. This has enabled Energy Jobline to become the go-to job board for global energy industry.

Our unique approach to marketing and quality of service has enabled us to be the only job board of choice for nearly a third (29%) of our job seeking audience. Energy Jobline is a significant value-add to any energy employer or agency, providing the best recruitment opportunities to both professionals and businesses globally.


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