Renewable energy needs the staffing industry right now...


In partnership with Airswift, Energy Jobline recently released the Global Energy Talent Index, a report investigating key topics of discussion within the renewables sector, such as the skills shortage and renewable jobs.

According to GETI, four out of five hiring managers support the theory that a skills shortage is now affecting the renewables industry, despite the sector being widely regarded as a ‘booming’ market, with an abundance of renewable jobs.

The new developments happening in renewables right now are indeed exciting, but where there is now a huge demand for professionals, there isn’t an equally strong supply of talent. So despite this demand for skills, the number of roles being advertised fail to prove a boom in renewables recruitment. With our findings, the staffing industry has an opportunity to encourage more hiring activity.

The report also explores what hiring managers in the renewables sector believe is the key cause of the skills shortage, to which the majority of respondents blamed ‘lack of planning’.

Over one fifth of renewables employers saw the ‘overall number of professionals entering the industry’ as a main contributor.

As much as these figures may seem alarming, employers should recognise this as an opportunity. The renewables workforce is still relatively young, meaning it’s not too late to start hiring. Let's not forget that the renewable energy sector is in the most comfortable position to hire right now, as the millennials favour the sector’s ethical practices and of course, there's no downturn to dissolve investment opportunities.

Other key findings within the renewables version of the GETI report include:

-        Just under 50% of renewables employers said they were not currently hiring.
-         18% of renewables employers let more than 10% of their workforce go in the last 12 months.
-        Oil and gas professionals view renewables as the most interesting sector to work in.


The extended talent pool...

Something I have to tap into when talking about hiring, is sector mobility. The global downturn in oil and gas resulted in hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs, but there seems to be a nervousness around hiring from the oil and gas sector.

Do renewables employers consider that these professionals are sick and tired of the ambiguous nature of their own industry? A permanent move to another sector isn’t a ridiculous idea when the majority of your skills are transferable- especially when your role could be around 40% more secure.

This new and active pool of candidates is yet to prove itself as a consistent source of talent for renewables companies and only a small percentage of oil and gas professionals are being tapped into by its sister sectors. This opportunity really isn’t being actionized like it could be; like it needs to be. 

Find out more about all things 'sector mobility' by visiting our news/careers page.

If you need insight on how to successfully open up your talent pool to other energy sectors, we're only a phone call or an email away. In the meantime, please do download a copy of our latest report, GETI for more information on the renewable energy workforce.

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