Renewable energy industry supports more than 9 million jobs last year

Renewable energy jobs reached 7.7 million in 2014, excluding large hydropower, a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency states.


In particular, the paper estimates large hydropower supported 1.5 million direct jobs – almost half of them in China, largely in construction and installation – bringing the total renewable jobs in the world to more than 9 million last year.

The report was launched the same day as The Climate Group released its ‘climate action barometer’ at Climate Week Paris, to measure business, sub-national government and international institutional leaders' confidence levels in delivering the low carbon economy. The barometer includes IRENA's latest figures, and aims to hold leaders to account and encourage them to boost low carbon economic growth and job creation.

IRENA's Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review, in its second edition, indicates an 18% increase from the figures reported for 2013. The rise is again led by China, which employs two-thirds of the 2.5 million global solar photovoltaic (PV) jobs – making such technology the largest renewable energy employer.


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