Renewable Energy - A Positive Outlook for Ireland


Renewable energy is a fast growing market that is modernized and forward-thinking in comparison to its predecessor – the oil and gas industry. With environmental concerns surrounding the nuclear industry and an unknown future for the oil and gas market, it’s essential that the renewable sector increases market share in order to meet the forever growing demand for energy.

In recent years, The Republic of Ireland has shown a strong dedication towards the development of the renewable industry and earned a Top 10 ranking for clean-tech investment in the 2014 Global Green Economy Index. There has been substantial growth in the wind sector in particular, with newly constructed large wind farms being built in coastal areas such as Cork and Donegal, capacity has increased to 2,400 MW across Ireland. In order to achieve national targets for renewable energy by 2020 an estimated 5,500-6,000 MW of wind generation is required. To achieve this goal the build rate of onshore wind farms must accelerate from 180 MW per year to at least 250 MW per year.

According to recent surveys, energy companies have expressed a growing confidence in the Irish renewable industry and therefore support the surge of new builds. Ireland has committed to producing 40% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, with 12% of this deriving from renewable heat and 10% from the renewable transport sector. The Irish wind energy industry is expected to produce 1100 new jobs by the end of this decade, meaning the total number of renewable professionals employed in the sector will total to 5500.

There is a positive outlook towards renewable energy in Ireland, but this isn’t without its complications. Previously, the electricity sector in Ireland was split into two individual markets, with Northern Ireland being part of the UK and the Republic of Ireland having its own market.

In 2007, the Single Electricity Market began operation, which created a “gross mandatory pool market, into which all electricity generated on or imported onto the island of Ireland must be sold, and from which all wholesale electricity for consumption on or export from the island of Ireland must be purchased."

Reinforcement of the existing grid connection will be absolutely essential to the growth of renewable energy across the region. The wind sector is a particularly demanding industry, due to its intermittency and the requirement for a back-up source of energy.

Omar Sheikh, Head of Renewable energy at Pangea Resourcing says, “From our perspective, we have noticed an increase in demand for talented professionals in the Irish Renewable space.”

“We have recently supported EPC’s, Component Manufacturers, Developers and Utility businesses across the different renewable sectors. With the 2020 deadline just around the corner, the war for talent is more aggressive than we have ever seen.”

Pangea Resourcing have had the opportunity to be present in the market to build a niche network of experienced commercial & technical professionals on a permanent and interim basis. Most recently, they appointed the Managing Director for Ireland with RWE Innogy to drive their Wind efforts in the region.

RWE Innogy identified Pangea as their sole supplier of talent for this search as they knew their due diligence process in candidate profiling and network is not limited to profiles on LinkedIn and job boards. Pangea are keen to connect with new professionals and businesses looking to enter the market, so if there are any inquiries then please direct them to the Head of Renewable Energy:

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