Renewable Energy Association launches sector-wide renewable survey

The Renewable Energy Association (REA), trade association for the renewables sector in the UK has recently launched a unique, industry-leading renewable survey to understand how the renewable market’s current conditions are affecting the performance of UK-based renewables companies.

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With the snap general election fast approaching the UK this June, the sector continues to face uncertainty and renewable policy upheaval. The REA plans for the renewable survey to build on the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper, which places aspects such as regional growth, innovation and export potential at the centre of UK economic growth.

Mark Sommerfeld, Policy Analyst at the REA says: “The survey will demonstrate how the industry is already delivering in this regard and what more can be done to support its growth as part of a modern industrial strategy.”

“By taking part in this survey your feedback will enable us, with the support of renewable energy market research specialists, to identify key issues currently impacting the industry. We shall use this information to provide an authoritative overview to both Government and industry stakeholders.”

The REA predicts the survey will highlight many of the difficulties businesses operating in the renewables industry encounter, as well as demonstrate the level of innovation taking place, as new opportunities are explored and delivered.

The findings of the survey should also allow the REA to present hard-hitting statistics to the new Government administration, as the results are expected to release almost directly after the June 2017 UK general election.

Sommerfeld continues: “We are aiming for the results of the renewable survey to be ready by the end of June, one year on from the EU referendum and shortly after the results of the snap election are known.”

“It will, therefore, be an ideal time for us to be able to discuss renewable energy and clean tech policy with the new Government administration, backed up by the fresh evidence delivered by this survey.”

As June’s 2017 general election looms, uncertainty surrounds the future of the UK’s renewable industry and how funding will pan out for the sector. At the time of the GE announcement, polls were heavily leaning towards Theresa May and the pro-fracking Conservatives, but the Prime Minister’s lead has narrowed significantly since the start of the election. With a tory win still achievable, the REA’s survey is thought to be a strong basis for communicating the impact of previous cuts and how the Government can now grow the industry in a way that will contribute to future low-carbon trade and exports.

To complete the survey and browse the Renewable Energy Association website, please click here

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