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Part 2 of our interview with Ford Garrard, Senior VP (Europe and Africas) at Airswift. Read all about it…


EJL: So, Ford… How does Airswift successfully maintain strong relationships with its clients?


Airswift effectively penetrate the broad opportunity with our energy clients. We have structured account management teams who are responsible for managing each of our client relationships. They are happy to handle anything the client requires and ensure the client’s needs are always met.

I think, as we move into a market where talent acquisition isn’t always the front-runner in a client’s needs, the fact we can offer bespoke, tailored solutions, coupled with the extended services that we offer, means that we have a totally flexible service offering that can shapeshift to suit any client’s requirements.

Getting the buy-in from those clients allows us to maintain those successful relationships. Clients can now consolidate all of their services and supplies into a company that is much more than just a talent acquisition company, but a services company that can handle aspects such as global mobility for their own employees and talent acquisition for contingent labour.

We are creating a business that can offer the devotion and integrity we anticipate our clients are needing in this new era.

EJL: Do you agree that innovation is a key part of Airswift’s approach to business? If yes, how is this consistently implemented?


I think innovation is at the heart of everything we want to undertake at Airswift. Since the merger, we haven’t stopped looking at all of the ways that we can improve the working life of each employee to drive the exceptional service that we offer.

We’re a global company and as such, we’ve really worked on embracing our global community over the year. Training and projects are rolled out to the group, worldwide. Each of our leadership teams regularly meet up and ensure each of our locations are offering the same great service that Airswift is known for. We try, wherever we can, to offer unique solutions to our clients.

I believe global mobility services was born at Airswift and we have consistently strived to make that an innovative product. We are always improving not only our internal, but external systems to make the recruitment process more and more efficient. Innovation is one of our core values, so we do work hard to make a change and adapt where necessary.

EJL: Can you tell us more about some of the events Airswift will be attending this year?


We are looking to enter the Recruiter awards this year, as we won the best engineering workforce solutions provider in 2015. We will be attending, as part of our diversity strategy, some of the wastewater and energy to waste industry events.

We have also collaborated with Energy Jobline to produce the market-leading GETI report and we will be exhibiting this at some of the largest energy-related conferences throughout 2017, as well as holding our own events and seminars for anyone wanting to gain more insight into subjects such as global mobility, remuneration, industry trends and sector mobility.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our interview with Airswift’s Ford Garrard, where we discuss the importance of recruitment training schemes.

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