POWERFul Women partners with Energy Jobline to increase the 8% female workforce

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Energy Jobline and POWERFul Women recently partnered to promote diversity in energy, by enticing and supporting the female workforce in entering and progressing within the power sector, as well as influencing the market’s leaders to actionize the diversity in energy cause.

With the results from Energy Jobline and Airswift’s market-leading energy workforce report, The Global Energy Talent Index (GETI), EJL and POWERFul Women plan to make the industry aware of the hard-hitting stats still apparent within the power sector, including the low female representation of 8% and more specifically, 13% of the UK’s workforce.

The report, focused on the views and opinions of both employers and professionals, highlights the power sector having a lower representation of women than its sister sectors, the oil and gas (11%) and nuclear (9%) industries. The report also reveals that despite the gender imbalance, more than half of the women surveyed (55%) are in senior or managerial roles- the same percentage as male respondents.

Janette Marx, Global COO of Airswift says: “Similar to its sister sectors, the power industry must do more to rebalance the gender skills base,”

“Although it’s really promising that women are progressing to more senior roles within the industry and this should be seen as a big incentive to females entering the industry.”

GETI also reflects an even smaller percentage of female graduates in the sector, with women making up only 6% of the graduate workforce.

Hannah Peet, Managing Director at Energy Jobline says: “These are concerning figures, considering that 83% of power hiring managers believe there is a skills shortage in the power sector.”

“In support of diversity in energy, 27% of power hiring managers agree that targeting female professionals could help the power sector overcome the skills shortage. Yet, the figures show that our girls still need encouragement- and they need it from the companies, from their recruitment teams.” 

Energy Jobline recently sponsored POWERful Women and MentorSET’s Speed Mentoring Event at the All-Energy Exhibition and Conference and will be working closely with Powerful Women on the diversity momentum within energy.

The EJL team were also invited to attend the POWERful Women 3rd Anniversary drinks reception at the House of Lords on Thursday 15th June and networked with the energy industry’s top diversity drivers. Guest speaker, Permanent Secretary for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: Alex Chisholm gave an inspiring speech on ‘Reporting and Setting Targets’.

Mr Chisholm highlighted the following in his speech:

  • Equal gender diversity ratios correlate to higher innovation
  • Different viewpoints and perspective prevent “group think” and brings “new thinking”
  • Companies that have more women on boards are more likely to follow governance rules and identify alternative criteria to measure
  • Just one female on the board cuts the risk of going bust by 20%

“I feel like when I’m addressing the board members of energy companies, I’m still talking to the men.” Mr Chisholm says, indicating that there is still work to be done.

The event was a huge success and revealed that there has indeed been movement reported in the various companies’ statistics and the number of women on board level and executive boards has increased. But, with only 6% and 9% females in each, the energy sector is still falling behind what has been recommended.

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