POWERful Women partners with Energy Jobline to increase the female workforce


Market-leading energy careers site, Energy Jobline, and UK diversity-in-energy group, POWERful Women, will partner to drive the mission to increase gender equality in the sector by supporting females in progressing into senior and leadership positions.

According to Hannah Peet, Managing Director at Energy Jobline, the partnership will aid in growing Energy Jobline’s female audience to 25% by 2025- a target set by the job board giant earlier this year.

Peet says: “We are incredibly excited to be partnering with an influential gender diversity group like POWERful Women,”

“Currently, 14% of our audience contains female professionals and we believe POWERful Women can help support our initiative by promoting our brand and relevant jobs to the network.”

With the results from Energy Jobline and Airswift’s sector-leading energy workforce report, the 2017 Global Energy Talent Index (GETI), EJL and POWERful Women are “championing” the diversity cause by presenting “cold, hard statistics” to the energy market around the poor female representation still at large in the UK today.

The GETI report indicates that 8% of the power workforce are female, matched with only a 13% representation in the UK.

The index also reveals that the power sector has a more significant gender imbalance than its sister sectors, the oil and gas (11%) and nuclear (9%) industries.

Janette Marx, COO of Airswift and key project influencer of the GETI report says: “POWERful Women and Energy Jobline share a common view that women in leadership positions in the energy industry should come together to inspire other aspiring females. Increasing the number of senior females should be seen as critical to the future of the power sector.”

GETI also reflects an even smaller percentage of female graduates in the sector, with women making up only 6% of the graduate workforce.

Hannah Peet says: “These are concerning figures, considering that 83% of power hiring managers believe there is a skills shortage in the power sector.”

“In support of gender diversity, 27% of power hiring managers agree that targeting female professionals could help the power sector overcome the skills shortage. Yet, the figures show that our girls still need encouragement- and they need it from the companies, from their recruitment teams and from industry leaders.” 

POWERful Women launches its brand new website in late 2017.

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