Fircroft: Pop-up factory promises on-site manufacturing revolution

Danish company Odico is preparing to launch their new smart device-controlled pop-up factory concept which, if successful, could revolutionise the manufacturing industry.
Odico's Factory on the Fly concept could lead to significant time and labour savings.
(Image via Odico).

It’s not always practical to manufacture construction tools or componentry and transfer these to the construction site. Odico’s ‘Factory on the Fly’ promises to eliminate this problem by manufacturing necessary tools and componentry directly on-site.

The pop-up factory can fit in a standard shipping container making it easy to transport to global locations.
(Image via Odico).

The miniature factory can fit in a standard three-metre long shipping container, making it straight-forward to transport to any global location. Controlled by any standard Android or iOS connected device, the factory promises ‘plug and play’ usability, which could open the manufacturing process to a wider base of users. By automating the manufacturing of products with custom dimensions at robotic speed, Factory on the Fly will help to save costs on labour-intensive processes.
The Factory on the Fly can be controlled by something as simple as an iPad.
(Image via Odico).

The Factory on the Fly can be configured to perform a broad range of different manufacturing tasks- from formwork production to reinforcement bending to sheet cutting. 

Whilst Factory on the Fly is currently a prototype, Odico is planning to have it on sale by the first half of 2019. The company has already raised £3.6 million in investment to put towards the product.


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