Particle Physics research giant CERN seeks engineering talent

CERN, the Organization responsible for the major research breakthroughs in particle physics is seeking talent from the wider energy sector. Read all about the exciting engineering positions CERN has on offer right now…


The CERN laboratory, situated next to Geneva and along the Franco-Swiss border is not only home to some of Europe’s top physicists, it is also a hub for technology and engineering and is on the look-out for skilled talent in these fields.

Contrary to popular belief, CERN regularly hires talent from STEM disciplines, and is particularly eager to break into wider energy talent pools, such as the oil and gas and renewables industries.

CERN is renowned worldwide for ”Pushing back the boundaries” and this is also apparent in the Organization’s approach to the diversification of skilled energy professionals. This is particularly exciting for people working in disciplines such as civil engineering, electrical, electronics, mechanical engineering, IT, and HSE, which can be mobilized from every energy sector.

“It is a common misconception that CERN only hires physicists and engineers. Did you actually know that of the 2,500 or-so staff members at CERN, only 3% are research physicists?” CERN’s website reads.

“The rest is a combination of technicians and engineers in a diversity of fields and a variety of support functions. Posts are advertised on a regular basis in all of these fields.”

Not only does CERN offer a wide range of exciting opportunities in a variety of engineering disciplines, candidates are graced with an opportunity to work in one of Europe’s most beautiful regions, with cities often being situated beside the water and Switzerland being widely considered as one of the happiest country in the world.

The physics research pioneer, whose employer brand is heavily focused around collaboration, imagination and quality of life, is planning to increase its workforce by 200 heads this year, in order to meet the requirements the Organization’s new projects are quickly generating. And it seems candidates will not be disappointed with a career at CERN, as 97.2% of its current employees stated they were proud to work for the Organization.

“If you are curious, motivated and ready for an adventure: take the chance and apply. See you at CERN!” says COFUND Senior Fellow at CERN, Emelie.

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