Pangea Resourcing Director talks training schemes and innovation

After ranking 2nd place in Energy Jobline’s Most Searched Agencies 2016, we were eager to speak with Sanjay Ramdhonee, Director at Pangea Resourcing on what has attracted our users to Pangea time and time again this year…


EJL: Congratulations on being one of the most searched for energy agencies on the EJL website!

Why do you believe professionals value Pangea over your competitors?

SR: We specialise in certain niches but we are very much a headhunting company. The type of people that we work with and nurture relationships with at the moment, are people we have spoken to ten, fifteen times in great detail.

Also, we do a lot of executive matchmaking for our energy executives and career management for mid to senior level professionals with the aim of securing them multiple opportunities. We work around their candidate profile and take it from a candidate perceptive, as opposed to just attempting to fill those jobs however we can. We are very candidate centric, so that would be first reason why.

The second reason is our access to roles. We do have a large network of clients and we are well integrated in our particular market spaces so that we can offer candidates the best career opportunities.

EJL: Which energy sectors do Pangea currently operate in?

SR: We operate across the whole energy sector. As of now we currently have teams in the Power generation, conventional and renewables, Power transmission and distribution, Clean Technology, Energy Finance and Oil and Gas.

EJL: How extensive is Pangea Resourcing’s support to candidates?

SR: On the contractor side, we have very robust contractor care system: a single point of contact, top level insurance and health coverage and repatriation services, where we help source local accommodation, to really parachute our contractors on the ground. The mobilization service we offer to our contractors is second to none.

On a more general side, we focus on building long term career management solution to the candidates we work with.

When it comes to interview processes and securing a position we have some main areas where we add value;

  • Interview preparation – We have a very thorough interview preparation process that we use to help all of our candidates perform at their best in an interview.
  • Candidate Marketing – With our client access we can offer our candidates a range of options within the markets we specialise in. Our highly skilled team are experts at positioning candidates in the best possible light to ensure they have the opportunity to shine.
  • Market Insight – Our partnership with candidates is based on developing long term relationships as opposed to transactional. We offer key insight to our candidates on salaries, market trends and high demand skills.
  • Offer Management – All our consultants are highly trained negotiators and we always balance the needs of our client and candidates to ensure the best possible outcome. 

EJL: How do you ensure your consultants are offering second-to-none market expertise to clients and candidates?

SR: Training, market focus, resources, company culture and more training!

We invest very heavily in training and development, focussed around our consultants search skills, interview skills, market knowledge and sales skills.

Each consultant is given a very specific and defined niche market to master, which develops innate understanding of the dynamic of a particular market.

We invest heavily to provide our consultant with the best resources available to identify the best candidates ahead of our competitors.

Our core values are values that drive our culture and are not just words on the website. Entrepreneurship, Quality, Determination and Teamwork form the basis of the way we interact with our candidates and our clients and our core goal is to add value.

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