Pangea and the Far East

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Due to the energy industry’s ‘transition period’, moving further away from traditional energy resources and exploring more into the alternative energy markets (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Biomass), Pangea has spread its specialism by developing a dedicated team to the renewable energy industry with a global market vision.

Renewable energy has grown rapidly over the last 20 years. The Far East continues to lead the way in the use of renewable power; especially with their key focus on Wind and Solar renewable energies. At Present China alone, produces more wind power (145,000+MW) than the whole of the European Union combined (141,000+ MW). It is also the leading country in Solar PV energy with over 43,000 MW of installed Solar PV; Germany are a close 2nd on 39,000 MW but Japan strengthens the Far East contribution with a further 34,000+ MW of installed Solar PV.

Furthermore, in terms of volume growth to 2035 China adds more than the EU and US combined. China currently has the largest wind power market of nearly 145 GW of wind energy at present; with further plans to add another 250 GW of wind energy by the end of 2020. Taiwan will also see the continuing expansion of the sector due to government targets of 4.5 GW to be installed by 2030. Thailand is a step ahead with of Taiwan with already gained approval for 281.32 MW of Solar PV projects to be produced during 2016 (with more to come). The Japanese market continues to see growth in both renewable energy markets with a key focus to mimic the EU and shift to Offshore Wind Power due to the limited agricultural space the country has available.

The Far East has been a particular focus for us due to the increase of renewable projects there. With new innovative projects, such as the Floating Solar PV Power Plant, Kyocera TCL Solar and 1 GW Solar CSP power projects in China, it is clear this is a booming industry in the Far East and one Pangea continues to support.

As the market in the Far East expands rapidly, our global reach and extensive network has enabled us to deliver services to a variety of renewable projects. Our understanding of the projects and market place, variety of project solutions and our global network of locals and expats, allows us to be a knowledgeable and trusted provider of personnel to our clients and to provide a variety of exciting opportunities to our candidates.

The outlook and overall commitment to reducing carbon emissions is initiating further support for alternative energy sources, improved energy efficiency and reduced reliance on traditional fossil fuels. Pangea has the capability of growing in relation to the energy industry and emerging markets and through these changes will be capable of continuing to support the industry for the future.


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