Norway’s Ovre Forsland could be the most visually appealing energy station in the world

Ovre Forsland, a hydroelectric plant situated in Norway, could be the most attractive looking energy station in the world - and its generating a huge buzz.


The Guardian has compared the architecture of the energy plant to some of the featuring buildings in the TV programme ‘Grand Designs’. The plant is visually appealing, but it also provides 1,600 Norwegian households with power.

Located in the Helgeland district, northern Norway, the power station sits on a river on the outskirts of a forest and is designed similarly to the tall, thin trees the plant sits in front of.

“It’s the perfect place; the environment is fantastic. This region is known for its spectacular nature, so we thought the building should try to live up to the surroundings.” Said Torkil Nersund, production manager of Helgelandskraft, who owns the plant.

The station has two water turbines, which turn to generate electricity for the local area and produce roughly 30 GWh of power. The plant’s storage system is extremely flexible, allowing the station to be equipped for any sudden peaks in demand.

“Øvre Forsland does not only serve hydropower to people in the region. Its purpose is also to bring attention to hydropower, the history around it and the benefits,” says Nersund.

“You can say that hydropower will play a main role in renewable society in the future, so we want more attention on the hydropower business.”

Ovre Forsland is also becoming a tourist attraction for Helgeland, who come to the area for its hiking trails and attractive scenery.

“The community around us has built up because of the energy resources in the area, but many people have forgotten, because it was another generation that built them. We want to educate Norwegians and also [foreign] tourists about the story of hydropower in Norway, and how it can work in harmony with nature,” says Nersund.

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