Over 250,000 new engineering jobs employees required every year

In a recent report, Engineering UK has announced that engineering companies will need in excess of 250,000 new employees every year until 2024. This figure exemplifies the sheer significance of the industry and challenge of addressing the skills gap within the engineering market.

The engineering market has continued to expand and now contains a high proportion of older professionals leaving the sector. According to Engineering UK, there is an annual shortfall of close to 70,000 engineers and skilled graduates. There is a high demand but general lack of numbers of applications in specific fields of engineering including mechanical, chemical and electrical markets.

Engineering UK says that many companies are struggling to fill specific engineering positions in recent years and are particularly concerned how this will potentially get more challenging in the future.

With the noticeable challenge of skilled applicants and potential disruptions from Brexit, some employers are tackling their own decisive actions to improve the situation. Companies are exploring methods of integrating training with business to increase the talent available within the market.

Industry experts have emphasized how critical it is to train and develop the skills of existing staff to ensure companies within the UK develop and remain competitive. Some employers are following this recommendation and sending employees to training centers to improve the skills gap and ultimately enhance local economic growth.

Improving the quality and skills of the employees is vital to improving the performance of engineering companies. The priority is filling more experienced roles within the engineering market and this will not be achieved by training graduates. Companies need to really focus on employee qualities and transferable skills available from other industries as a viable solution to filling gaps in the engineering market.

Inspiring future generation of engineers
A report by the IMechE called ‘The Culture of engineering in schools’ suggests that there needs to be a significant shift in Government policy to inspire and encourage young people to move into the engineering market. The report believes that there is a lack of recognition of modern engineering, the opportunities and it’s importance.

The report believes the Government should put engineering at the focus of current education systems and ensure engineering is a core part of the national curriculum. 

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