Oil downturn creating more jobs in the NHS

North sea 13

The downturn in the oil market is looking to be boosting various NHS roles due to the increase of people transitioning into roles away from the oil industry. According to a report on the health board’s 2016 workforce plan said that labour jobs in particular within the North east are “significantly unsettled”.

The report stated, “This seems to have improved recruitment to a variety of hard-to-fill roles as the ongoing downturn in oil and changing labour market has led to an increase in applications in a number of roles including healthcare support workers, administrative, HR, finance and IT.”

“Despite the improving market, the difficulty of capturing the interest of suitable candidates and filling posts remains challenging, particularly for nursing and midwifery posts and some medical roles.”

There has also been an 8,000 rise in Scottish unemployment, which the oil downturn is thought to be a main contributor of. It was reported by the Telegraph in June that the oil downturn could wipe out over a quarter of North Sea jobs. This would amount to a total of 120,000 jobs lot by the end of this year.

Oil prices have actually recovered quite substantially since hitting the lows of $28 a barrel in January, but a barrel of oil is still worth under half of what it was in 2014. Big oil players such as Shell and BP have reported significant losses in the last year following the oil crisis.

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