Nuclear power crucial in future energy mix of China

A recent report has highlighted the crucial importance of nuclear energy in the future of the energy industry in China. Nuclear energy is seen as vital to reduce carbon emissions and improve economic growth within the country.

China currently has a targeted annual approval rate of six to eight new reactors under a five year plan. During 2015 China had 24 nuclear reactors under construction which accounts for more than a third of the total nuclear reactors worldwide. As a result there are 1000's of new nuclear jobs being generated within China.

Reasons for nuclear development in China

Experts in China view nuclear power as a comparatively clean energy source which can assist in achieving its emission reduction targets and minimize impact on the environment.

Nuclear energy also has massive importance in regards to energy security and future economic growth in China. China is importing large amounts of oil and gas and nuclear energy is seen as economically more stable than other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

The nuclear industry in China is seen as having great market potential and helps promote China’s export of advanced manufacturing equipment.

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