Nuclear Institute CEO says it’s time to recognise worker needs


Speaking exclusively with Energy Jobline, Sarah Beacock, CEO at the Nuclear Institute (UK) says nuclear employers must appeal to all worker needs in their bid for hiring and recognise the younger generation’s “strong” appetite for career progression.

Commenting on the findings of the Global Energy Talent Index 2018 (released by Energy Jobline and Airswift), Beacock says employee happiness now derives from a much wider range of factors and employers should be placing an equally strong focus on benefits outside of pay.

“Nuclear professionals are particularly keen on empowerment, doing meaningful work and having opportunities for career progression- particularly the younger professionals.”

“An employer that focuses on these factors is likely to have greater success in recruitment and retention than one that only uses pay and benefits as a motivator.”


The communication of new developments in digitalisation will also be key to attracting and retaining talent, says Beacock.

“It's not about where we are, but where we could be in the future,” the Nuclear Institute CEO continues.

“It has to be a digital approach for the sector to progress. Digitalisation will produce cost savings and timescale reductions- two things the industry really needs. This is incredibly exciting and should definitely spark the interest of professionals and new recruits if communicated properly.”


Workers want a slice of the UK

GETI (The Global Energy Talent Index) also reveals a want among professionals to work in the UK nuclear sector, as 14% of nuclear respondents chose the UK as a country of preference. Sarah Beacock says the influencing factors are crystal clear.

“The UK nuclear industry is going through some exciting times and this is in reference to all aspects of nuclear – from construction to day-to-day operations, right through to decommissioning,” says Sarah Beacock.

“In term of infrastructure, the new projects such as Hinkley Point C are significant undertakings for the UK.”


How do professionals get noticed?

According to Beacock, opting for a membership with professional bodies such as the Nuclear Institute adds “credibility” to a nuclear professional’s CV/resume, as well as allowing workers to earn a professional status among peers and potential employers.

“I think there is great value in members having a body where the professional standards are specific to the nuclear industry,” says Sarah Beacock.

“We want everyone to understand the professionalism message- that having a professional status means your peers and your industry can honestly say that you know your stuff and that you’re operating at a professional level.”


If you’re a nuclear professional and want to find out more about memberships with the Nuclear Institute, please click here to visit the website.

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