Nordic firms urge EU to be “ambitious” with renewable energy targets


A total of 18 Nordic companies, including household names such as Orsted and Ikea sent an open letter urging the union to commit to a target of 35% renewable energy by 2030.

The letter, which urges the EU to be “ambitious” with its energy efficiency and climate neutrality efforts, was forwarded to EU energy ministers just weeks before the Clean Energy Ministerial summit in Malmo and Copenhagen at the end of May.

The Clean Energy Ministerial summit brings together energy ministers from leading economies to discuss and decide future clean energy plans and targets.

“We believe that the adoption of a strong Clean Energy Package with a high level of ambition of the energy efficiency directive, renewable energy directive, and governance regulation, is crucial for greenhouse gas emission reductions,” says the letter.

“Ambitious climate and clean energy targets also drive economic development with increased competitiveness, job creation, and improved health, as well as a lower dependency on energy imports.”


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