New US wind projects will see capacity grow by 25 percent

Desert Solar USA

The US really are hitting the renewable energy ball out of the park this year. Its solar industry is positively booming, so much so that it’s now competing at a close second with China, which upholds the world’s largest solar PV market. The U.S. also now has an installed wind capacity of 74,821 MW, which is looking to heavily increase by 18,200 MW from wind projects that are currently being constructed or developed.

This expected increase also totals more than Texas’s 17,911 MW capacity, which has the largest wind-power capacity out of every state in the US.

Despite this rapid increase in the number of projects under construction, there haven’t been many to begin operating in the first half of 2016, so the capacity increase hasn’t been astronomical this year as of yet. Only 820 MW were installed in the first half, the lowest figures seen since 2013.

The US has also recently begun the final phase of its first offshore wind farm, which is currently being constructed off of Block Island, Rhode Island. Deepwater Wind will eventually be a five-turbine wind farm that will lead the way for future U.S. offshore wind projects.

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