New tech able to remove 97% of car exhaust emissions

Car Exhaust

New Pollution Solution technology can capture and get rid of up to 97% of exhaust emissions at traffic light junctions, drive-thru's, schools, and other CO2 pollution hotspots.

The technology utilizes low energy fans to 'suck in' the exhaust fumes that are produced by slow-moving or idling vehicles.

The system has been created to be situated within the road and placed as close as possible to the automobile's exhaust pipe to guarantee that the highest pollutant capture rate is possible.

With each fan able to attract 15,000 m3/hr of polluted air per meter of the roadway, engineering simulation experts Wilde Analysis have calculated that depending on the precise area of the exhaust pipes and the climate condition, the technology could get rid of approximately 97% of all automobile emissions.

Thomas Delgado, creator and CEO of Pollution Solution, stated:

‘Our offering has always been to install the product at pollution hotspots on roads and at drive-thru restaurants, where exhaust fumes from idling cars would be recycled into clean air on the spot.

‘Coronavirus has, over the last four months, made the need for this technology even greater. Because of our product’s potential to improve air quality instantly, the public will benefit from cleaner air and improved respiratory health which helps combat the effects of the virus. 

‘Those who live in highly polluted areas are significantly more at risk of an early death.

‘Our technology has recently undergone an independent CFD study, completed by a team of highly respected scientists, which proves the technology has the means to cut human exposure to car exhaust pollution by as much as 97%, this means that where this solution can be implemented immediately, there would be a marked reduction in risk of illness and death.’

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