More than 1,600 IT workers denied UK visas in 4 months


A new report released by BBC News has sparked worry among critics, as it reveals more than 1,600 engineering workers applying for Information Technology jobs were denied visas across four months.

According to the Campaign for Science and Engineering (Case), applicants were denied due to the number applying exceeding the monthly limit.

Critics believe the UK’s efforts to thrive with the implementation of new tech systems are likely to be hindered by the government’s recent changes to immigration policies, preventing the UK from developing a high-tech economy.

Executive Director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering, Dr Sarah Main, believes that particularly for areas where there is a clear skills shortage, such as engineering, there should be visa exceptions.

"The tragedy is that this policy doesn't work for anyone: the government, employers or the public," she said.

"The government repeats its mantra that Britain should be open to the brightest and the best, and yet this policy specifically rejects those people."

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