More offshore jobs to be created in Norway starting 2018

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Associated has announced the need for the recruitment of 22000 workers by 2020.The results of a new employment study show the need for recruitment of 22,000 new workers including the replacement for 9,000 retiring workers. 

The new report, conducted by the International Research Institute of Stavanger, shows a declining workforce total through 2017, reaching bottom in 2018, and rising back to current levels by 2020 - necessitating 13,000 new hires, in addition to the openings due to attrition. 

"Based on the new figures we can affirm that those who start on a technological education in autumn 2016 are likely to be welcomed with open arms by the oil and gas industry once they have graduated," said Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, the Association's CEO.

However, the picture is perhaps less optimistic for those currently employed or seeking work. The report tallied a loss of about 40,000 jobs over the period between 2014 and 2016, and forecast that about 10,000 more positions would be cut by 2018.

The study is based on the assuption that the price of oil improves starting next year.

Meanwhile, in opening remarks Thursday at the Association's annual conference in Oslo, Prime Minister Erna Solberg acknowledged that times were hard, but expressed optimism, encouraging young people to look at careers in petroleum and reminding all present that North Sea exploration and development would be there for decades to come. "The person who turns out the lights on Norwegian oil has not yet been born," she said, echoing a favorite saying of Oil and Energy Minister Tord Lien.

Solberg also encouraged industry to redouble its efforts to cut carbon emissions in its activities. “They must ensure that CO2 emissions from our production will diminish in the future, and work on research and development,” she said.

Source: Maritime Executive

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