Mental Health & Engineers – what can you do to support your staff?

Engineering workforce pioneer NES Global Talent considers how the industry can attract and retain top talent and improve mental health awareness.


According to the ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers), 4 in 5 of employees with poor mental health said that their workplace was a contributory factor.

In recent years, the topic of mental health is beginning to receive the attention it deserves, but there is still a long way to go in offering people of all professions the right support at work, the place they spend 80 to 90 percent of their time.


Key factors all employers should consider:

  • Develop mental health awareness among employees

Whether it’s regular communications and meetings, or more personal questions during a monthly business review, it is crucial to continue showing the workforce the importance of mental health. Not everyone will be receptive to talking about their personal lives, but there is no better olive branch than reminding them that you understand and are there for them.

  • Offering a mental health at work plan

Many of those suffering from mental health issues will be reluctant to share their problems with their employers. The bias is that personal problems should be kept separate from your boss and colleagues, but is this effective? Offering your team a mental health plan not only reminds your employees that you care about their own personal and career development, but it also reassures them that their mental health is never something that should be brushed under the carpet.

  • Provide staff with thriving working conditions

Feedback is key on this one. Have you ever surveyed your employees on their happiness at work? Are they happy with their surroundings and the facilities available? Are they growing frustrated with the lack of opportunity currently available when it comes to the resources they have to-hand? These can all be contributing factors to poor mental health.

  • Promote effective people management through line managers and supervisors

The relationships between managers and their teams are often critical to a team’s level of success. When line managers and supervisors are effectively trained in people management, the response from employees is unimaginably positive. It’s important to have leaders within the business that effectively manage and can be that line of support when mental health issues are raised by an employee. The business can implement many initiatives to promote how it plans to support mental health but having approachable management will be pivotal in imprinting this as a company culture.

  • Offering mental health support numbers

those that wish to keep their personal concerns private, offering a health support company contact can be incredibly useful.

Some businesses have found success in this by investing in mental health support companies, which allows their employees to have confidential conversations with expert mental health professionals. Employees can opt to have regular supportive talks with an ongoing counsellor, without revealing a single concern to their employer.


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