Mauritius Deputy PM says African energy investment is climbing


Mauritius Deputy Prime Minister and Energy and Public Utilities Minister Ivan Collendavelloo spoke at the Africa Energy Forum on Tuesday, citing that “willingness and interest” towards investment in Africa’s energy sector is growing at a rapid pace.

The forum, which recently commenced for the twentieth-year, was held in Mauritius, offering unique insights into the development of the African energy sector, as well as potential investment opportunities.

“Positive developments have taken place with setting up partnerships, such as the Africa European Union Energy Partnership and the Power Africa Initiative, which is supported by the US and the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative,” says Collendavelloo.

The countries within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are also organising a new organisation, called the Southern African Centre for Renewable Energy and Efficiency, which will look to encourage better cooperation on energy development across South Africa.

These new initiatives have been widely due to the staggering 645million Africans that do not yet have access to electricity.

“There are many challenges, however, including geopolitical events that have raised great apprehensions for energy security,” said Collendavelloo.

“We need to diversify sources of electricity generation and find ways to optimize the use of indigenous energy resources,” said Collendavelloo.


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