Mandelson urges May to back Hinkley Point


Former business secretary Peter Mandelson has encouraged the government to back Hinkley Point and confirm a go-ahead date. The project has received a huge amount of investment from China, which has caused growing concern among the UK Government. Theresa May decided to postpone the go-ahead of the nuclear project until September after announcing the government needs to perform ‘further reviews’ before giving the project the OK.

Lord Mandelson, who served critical positions under the power of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown has claimed that the security fears surrounding the vast amount of Chinese investment in the project is lacking in foundation. He also added that the UK should be grateful for the partnership with China and the country should be considered a “prized trading partner”.

This opinion arose after China expressed irritation towards the delay of the project and Mandelson spoke openly about the subject on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Mandelson said, “The government has to consider China’s motivation for wanting to finance projects like this and, in my view and I guess in their view too, they judge that it would be commercial global suicide for China if they were to invest on the one hand and then try to mess around with other countries security on the next.

“I mean, nobody would trust China ever again; nobody would want to do business with Chinese investors ever again. The truth is that China would have far, far too much to lose if it were to start compromising other countries’ national security.”

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