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In conjunction with Energy Jobline, Janette Marx, Global COO of leading energy staffing agency, Airswift, gives her advice on how to make your next career move. Feeling stuck in your current role? This one’s for you… 


Making your next career move, whether it’s to a higher position at your current company or a move to a different company all together can be an incredibly daunting task. Sometimes it’s a fear of bringing up your concerns with your superiors. It can also be the fear of starting a job you hate or perhaps don’t enjoy as much as your previous one.

“If you feel like you’re stuck in your career, know what you want first.” Janette begins.

“You need to know how to position it, how to sell it and how to showcase what your value would be in that next step. Be very clear on what your goals are because somebody else isn’t going to tell you what they should be.”

This is the first and most important step in making your next career move. After assessing yourself and your own wants, you can confidently put these forward to either your current or future employer.

“Once you know what you really want to get out of your career, make sure that your direct supervisor knows that.” Janette continues.

“So, whenever you have that opportunity to talk about goal setting, to have your annual/biannual review or even if you need to set up a separate conversation with them because you feel stuck in stagnant, voice it.”

This is something that many people, particularly younger professionals, find really scary. It’s important to remember that bringing up your wants isn’t a crime. If anything, good employers admire those with ambition and a hunger for success. It adds value to their workforce and in turn, their business.

“If you voice it to your current company and they’re not supportive of it, that’s when you should look at how you can control your career and the next step.”

“You should take the time to make sure that your search is correct and in line with your future employer. This will ensure that when you’re making a move you can make it last for however many years you’re looking to stay at that company.”

If your wants for a career are not in line with where that company wants you to go, you need to consider whether, in the long term, this will be the right move for you. Essentially, you will want to grow yourself with a company as opposed to climbing the ladder with many different companies. Loving the firm you work for is great. Do you love the career you’re moving towards?


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