Major nuclear plant in Canada to be refurbished

Ontario Power Generation is to announce plans for the future development and refurbishment of the major nuclear power plant today.

The Darlington nuclear generating station. The provincial government and Ontario Power Generation are expected to announce plans Monday afternoon for refurbishing the nuclear power plant

The aging nuclear power plant that provides much of Toronto's electricity is set to get a new lease on life today. Ontario Power Generation and the government are due to announce plans today to refurbish the Darlington nuclear generating station.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli and OPG president Jeff Lyash are promising "an important update on the future of nuclear power in Ontario" 

Refurbishing involves replacing the key components of nuclear reactors, a process that takes about three years for each reactor. Ontario Power Generation says refurbishing will allow the reactors to operate for another 30 years and says it is ready to begin the project at any time. 

The government abandoned plans to build two new reactors back in 2013, saying the province does not foresee needing the extra power.  

Darlington began operating in the early 1990s and currently provides about 20% of Ontario's power supply

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