Lucrative Salaries worldwide but at what cost?

Its common knowledge that the oil and gas industry has been hit hard with job losses worldwide resulting in many experienced professionals being forced to diversify, widen their search or potentially take lower paid opportunities elsewhere. Yet although there has been a drop in recruitment worldwide there are particular regions that continue to generate new oil and gas jobs.

The Middle East and particularly Iraq is one region that continues to be showing strong signs of hiring oil and gas professionals. Oil and gas workers in the Middle East can regularly earn six figure salaries with additional packages and fewer places to spend your hard earned cash.

Widening your search for Oil and Gas Jobs…

The question is whether oil and gas professionals are willing to expand their search and look to destinations that previously were not on their desired list. Are candidates now being effective,y pressured to widen their search as a result of fewer job opportunities available in their preferred regions?

More specifically are candidates now willing to work in regions such as Iraq at a time when safety and stability are the core factors of concern?

We are currently looking for further insights from energy industry professionals on their experience working in Iraq.

Have you worked in Iraq or would you be willing to work in Iraq and at what cost? 

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