LEON food chain promises 100 percent renewable energy

Natural fast food chain LEON Restaurants has committed to using 100% renewable electricity, thanks to a new contract put in place with the help of Opus Energy.


The fast food chain, which has restaurants dotted across the UK, has recently committed to using 100% renewable electricity to power its current chain of restaurants. Opus Energy, the UK’s sixth biggest business energy supplier, has insured that LEON’s electricity needs will be met by wind, solar, hydro power and anaerobic digestion.

According to LEON’s Marketing Director, Kirsty Saddler, the fast food business was “really interested” in the 100% green energy contract and the price offered by Opus Energy.

"Opus Energy have been very attentive and although we didn't give them much time to transfer the portfolio, they managed it in double quick time, which we were really pleased about," she said.

"We are a company driven by positivity and purpose. We constantly challenge ourselves to see if we can do better and moved to a 100 per cent renewable energy contract, even though it wasn't the cheapest offer on the table. We are determined to invest in the future, rather than just the bottom line."

LEON’s website has rated the natural food chain 41% for its energy efficiency and 54% for its overall environmental impact. The business has also received two stars from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

The chain of restaurants has now become a part of the string of high profile brands to shift to 100% renewable energy supply. Companies such as LEON are not only having a positive effect on the environment with these new contracts, these shifts in energy supplements are also having a hugely positive impact on their brands, in terms of ethics.

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