Lack of gender diversity could hold back fight against global warming, expert says


According to a leading industry watcher, the absence of women in energy companies is preventing the sector from tackling climate change.

Professor of energy policy at the University of Exter, Catherine Mitchell believes the lack of female representation in energy organisations is affecting the sector’s ability to attract fresh ideas, and more specifically, combat issues such as global warming.

“I absolutely do think that the fact that the industry is so dominated by men and particularly older white men it is slowing down the energy transition,” said Mitchell, who has been studying issues affecting the energy sector for over 30 years.

“I thought we really need to have something where all these women who are great get to speak,” said Mitchell, who has organised an energy conference to discuss the lack of female energy leaders.

“The fact we are not moving is not good for Britain, is not good for the environment,”

Research tells us that almost two-thirds of the energy giants in the UK have no female representation on their boards.

Energy UK has been making efforts to solve the issue, banning men-only panels at its events.

“The energy sector is undergoing a huge period of transition, which brings with it a huge opportunity to increase gender balance,” said the group’s external affairs director, Abbie Sampson.


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