Labor party: Don’t blame electricity prices on renewable energy

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Mark Butler, Labor’s representative for climate change and energy has deemed the talks surrounding the recent high electricity prices in South Australia, that have been the talk of the world to be highly misleading. He has even described some of the discussions as “extraordinary exploitation” and “a cocktail of exaggeration, hyperbole and downright misinformation”.

Butler presented a speech to the Clean Energy Summit in Sydney on Wednesday, where he conceded with energy minister of South Australia, Tom Koutsantonis in his theory that the rapid price increase was due to a number of factors that are outside of the renewable energy industry’s control. These included the energy interconnector from South Australia to Victoria, which is much more limited than Victoria’s interconnectors, the cold weather and lack of supply after the Northern coal power station stopped operating.

“We’ve seen a really quite extraordinary exploitation of a price surge in wholesale power prices in SA to relaunch a campaign by some in the media, and some also unfortunately in the federal Coalition, against renewable energy,” Butler said.

“The past three weeks have seen a cocktail of exaggeration, hyperbole and downright misinformation about what is happening in the electricity market in South Australia.

“This is a push… by interests that have nothing more or less than an ideological bent against renewable energy. It’s a push that should not be underestimated and it’s a push that must be overtly challenged.”

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