JDR Energy to support drive of ME Oil and Gas jobs


LONDON, 21 July 2017: Sources at oil and gas recruitment leader JDR Energy outline a number of key locations across the Middle East as particularly opportune regions for jobs and claim to be on the look-out for the best talent in the sector for two “exciting” new projects.

“We are exclusively recruiting for a number of large projects in the Middle East and will require the top talent for onshore and offshore-varying roles.” Says Head of Oil and Gas at JDR Energy, Nathan Buckingham.

According to Buckingham, the introduction of these vacancies is a crucial step in JDR’s plans to internationalize the workforce and promote a significant increase in job opportunities in the ME region.

The four-year-long project, which is expected to extend to six years (before the addition of a possible six rigs) is to be contracted on a 12 month-basis- a rarity for onshore vacancies of this kind.

Buckingham continues: “Our client is the busiest onshore drilling contractor in this region right now, which means there is guaranteed work for successful applicants.

The longevity of this project will be very appealing to local and international professionals. We will also be supporting the doubling of the 600 live job vacancies on offer over the next two years.”

JDR Energy encourages a variety of skilled professionals (including but not limited to: Rig Superintendents, Drillers, Derrickmen, Roughnecks, HSE Advisors, Welders to apply for an opening at a leading drilling company by following this link.

Activity in the Middle East is beginning to resume, Buckingham says. It is believed that with the budgeting for low oil prices- an end to wishful thinking- energy giants are slowly adapting to smaller budgets and becoming more cost-effective with expenditure.

Examples of cost-saving measures include investment in new oil and gas technology, to drive efficiency and productivity within the sector. This is commonly referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ by industry analysts.

The acceptance around the oil price remaining stagnant at $50-55 a barrel for “some time” is thought to have encouraged the major suppliers to sign more long-term projects, something that JDR first noted during the approach to H2 of this year.

Statistics show that equally, the Global Rig Count reveals a likely future for the oil price. Specifically, in the Middle East, the number of operating rigs has seen a small spike between April and July, indicating an increasingly busier market.

“Uncertainty also plays an important part in the current state of the market.” Says Buckingham.

“Investors are waiting for that tipping point: for one or even a few of the major oil and gas players to take the jump and allow others to follow suit. Once this happens more frequently, it will be a domino effect, I think.”

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