JDR Energy reflects on solar PV’s 2017 growth areas

Global energy employment agency JDR Energy reveals Europe’s PV growth areas across 2017 and where opportunities will be released in the forthcoming year.


Global Head of Permanent Recruitment at JDR Energy, Jack Turner, says Europe’s major growth markets for solar PV will lie in the Netherlands, France, Spain and (potentially) Italy.

“And in my opinion, the job opportunities offered by the top companies in these regions will be relevant for local and expat talent,” says Turner.

“Countries such as Spain are now prospecting opportunities in the LATAM region, for example.”


The Netherlands

Dutch PV is expected to see a capacity increase of 18GW by 2027 and international investors are keen to enter the market.

“A 12 billion euro subsidy model for renewable energy will soon be executed in the Netherlands,” Says Turner.

“This paired with the significant number of large scale solar parks being constructed and commissioned indicates why analysts have forecasted such a vast increase in capacity.”



Solar PV in France regained momentum in the later parts of 2017, which will be widely due to energy leader, EDF unveiling its agendas for solar investment in 2018.

The energy giant announced it plans to deploy 30 GW of solar PV capacity between 2020 and 2036, which is believed to be a replacement for the large portion of France’s nuclear facilities set to be decommissioned in the forthcoming years.

“EDF’s declaration is very encouraging for solar PV and market investors. I think this reclaimed commitment to the sector reflects a promising future for French PV and in particular, the technology developments to follow.” Jack Turner says.



Renewable energy capacity in Spain has seen a dramatic increase in 2017 and the Spanish are now one of Europe’s major PV champions.

Also, the Department of Energy and Infrastructure for the Spanish region, Extremadura, recently confirmed the development of a 300 MW solar power project in Cáceres, led by Solarcentury, Genia and Canopy Energies.

“It’s interesting to see the expansion of UK-based solar developers moving into the international markets such as Spain, France and the Netherlands,” Turner continues.

“This is just one indicator of the global growth of Solar PV we are seeing in the market.”  


Whilst the government’s 2016 solar subsidy cuts severely damaged the UK’s PV market, Turner predicts an increase in UK-focused solar developers recruiting international talent (within the European markets) as these companies plan to expand their portfolios outside of the UK.

“JDR Energy is currently working with a number of solar developers and investment funds,” Says Turner.

“These employers are interested in hiring renewables and utilities talent to support their development teams and we are working with these companies to provide manpower at all stages of the development lifecycle.”

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