Japan donates $9.7m in solar equipment to Nigeria

Japan has given Nigeria approximately $9.7million worth of solar energy equipment in a bid to boost power supply by around 1.2MW.

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Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) has provided Nigeria with a substantial amount of money towards solar equipment. This is to aid in the country’s power supply at the Usman Dam Water Treatment Plant, which in turn should reduce pressure on the grid.

This will also mean that prices to make improvements to Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory’s water supply can be minimized.

According to Nigeria’s Ambassador for Japan, Sadanobu Kusaoke, Japan deems Nigeria’s power sector as critical to socio-economic development. He also added that having a stable power supply, supporting the industry and improving the economy is incredibly important.

“Since the 1970s, Japan has helped to finance the power sector to increase the capacity of power in Kainji dam hydro power station.” he said. “This is the 10th project of power sector by the Japan’s government since then and this will not be our last”

Hirotaka Nakamura, Chief Representative of JICA in Nigeria, has also emphasized the importance of the donation, as it will boost core infrastructure and power in Nigeria, which are key focuses for JICA.

Nigeria is currently in a situation where power shortages are an ongoing issue. Its population of 170 million people only have access to 4GW of electrical power. This means that only 40% of the population are connected to the energy grid.

It doesn’t end there, as the small percentage of consumers that do have access experience power difficulties roughly 60% of the time anyway.

The key component to Nigeria’s energy crisis is lack of development within its energy industry. Again, this is a pivotal reason as to why Japan’s recent investment in its industry is so critical.

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