Iran gradually turning the wheels for international energy cooperation

Iran power

Following on from the lift of Iran’s international sanctions, the country is finally opening up talks with giants such as Siemens and Rolls-Royce on energy investment, now that the country’s economy is finally starting to work with Western countries again. Iran’s energy minister, Hamid Chitchian has met with leaders of both companies in London last week where collaboration in power generation was the main topic of discussion, being that there is an option to operate decentralised power generators, which are much more flexible in supplying electricity than large power stations.

Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but the talks seem highly positive and show that Iran is finally getting the ball rolling by opening up these meetings with Siemens and Rolls Royce. A final decision will hopefully be reached soon, according to Chitchian. Rolls Royce believes that the power systems provider is thought to be supplying piston engines manufactured in Rolls Royce’s main hub located in Germany.

Siemens has always had a strong presence in Iran and has worked with the country for roughly 150 years in areas such as infrastructure energy and technology. A continued partnership between Iran and Siemens would add to a provisional licensing agreement confirmed in March, which allows an Iranian energy and infrastructure conglomerate, Mapna Group to develop Siemens’ F-class turbines in Iran. These will be utilized in gas-fired power stations.

These talks have all been made possible since the lifting of international sanctions on Iran’s nuclear activities in January, which will now allow businesses in Western countries such as the UK and Italy to offer facilities and equipment to Iran. “We have received various proposals for investment inside our country; some for building power stations and some to manufacture power plant equipment.” said Chitchian.

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