Concern over renewable energy jobs as investment falls this year

After a record year in 2015 this year has seen a reduction in investment within the renewable energy industry causing a slight concern with the generation of new renewable energy jobs. Globally renewable energy investment has dropped by 23% during the 1st half of this year, including an investment decrease of 34% within China. 

Renewable Energy Jobs

However Europe's figure was up by 4% and Brazil saw a 36% increase. Offshore wind in Europe accounted for the majority of the investment particularly with the 588MW Beatrice project in the UK waters.

There has been a slight reduction in growth in Japan particularly with solar systems. 

Experts are now confident that global investment within  2016 will not equal the investment levels of 2015. Last year China was responsible for massive investment in both wind and solar projects and the impact of weaker electricity demand combined with policy changes will therefore be greater.

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