"I made the move" Interview 2 - Davron Sharipov


Age: 43

Job title: Engineering Manager 

Years of exp: 16

Location: UAE Dubai


Sectors I have experience in: I worked in electrical energy generation, transmission and distribution for many industries. 


1.       What originally made you decide to switch from traditional energy to construction within solar? 

Well, an offer came in and it was tempting and pretty lucrative. Besides, switching energy sectors opens up new horizons.  

2.       There are many assumptions about how easy/difficult it is to switch sectors- what was your own experience like?

I would not say I found it too difficult- of course, it depends whether you are eager to accept new challenges.

3.       What was the main challenge you came across when you began working in another sector?

The main challenge is that you have to wrap your mind around new technologies- well, now it is standard in any field. For example, mechanical relays have been hijacked by software development now.  

4.       What would be your one piece of advice to professionals looking to move to a different energy sector?

Be humble to learning new things – humility is key.

5.       Would you do it all again? Why?

 Yes- it is exhilarating and an intoxicatingly fresh experience.

6.       What do you love most about working in the solar industry? How does it compare to other energy sectors you have worked in?

Meeting new people who have worked in the solar industry- it allows you to see things in different views of the energy generation. One sees new facets, frontiers, innovations, etc.


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