Huxley: the promising future of wind generation technology


Engineering recruitment specialists at Huxley highlight the promising future of the wind industry and the advances in wind technology, improving power generation.

The engineering team at Huxley suggests that creating renewable technology to improve efficiency and reducing costs continues to be one of the main challenges for the power generation sector.

New wind technology concepts and proposed designs have sometimes failed to evolve any further than initial small-scale prototypes. This is generally due to the challenges of cost, efficiency, and political support. However, times are changing with further recognition towards the significance of wind generation as a major energy source worldwide.

Huxley explains that further technological advances, improving efficiency and reducing costs are making new concept designs far more realistic on a larger scale. A perfect example of this transition is the development and support towards bladeless turbine technology created by the Spanish company Vortex.

These bladeless turbines operate in the same manner as traditional turbines, turning the wind into kinetic energy. However, rather than using a propeller, Vortex structures use a pattern of vortices that work to achieve the same result as a traditional turbine. 

Vortex and other innovative businesses are sparking a transition from the traditional turbine design, focusing on creating a technology that reduces maintenance, noise, and environmental impact. With more research, development, and investment it is likely turbine technology will evolve further in the near future and create new projects and opportunities worldwide.

Further support towards developing new technology has sparked a range of new research and development projects worldwide. The UK based business, Kite Power Systems is growing in recognition for its concept of utilising kites to harness wind energy. Kite Power Systems yield power from the wind by using custom built kites at high altitudes, where the wind is far more reliable. The motion of the kite then powers a generator at ground level. This technology is highly efficient, reducing the challenge of intermittent energy supplies that are common within the wind sector.

The team at Huxley believes that, as a result of new research into wind technology, there will be a requirement for wider talent and professionals within the wind generation market worldwide. With international policies and legislation shifting to generating a low carbon economy, there is likely to be additional financial and political support towards creating low carbon technology within the wind and renewables market.

We expect to see a continued growth of new projects using traditional turbine facilities - there will also be an increase in research and development projects into supporting new turbine technology. This growth will diversify the wind industry employment market further, with a sustained necessity for construction, maintenance and operation professionals but also a generation of opportunities within engineering, research and technology development.

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