How to become a wind turbine technician

Wind turbine technicians are responsible for keeping wind turbine equipment running smoothly. Their work involves maintaining, testing and repairing mechanical and electrical equipment and monitoring daily performance. They work at onshore or offshore wind farms.

Most wind turbine technicians receive their experience whilst working on site. This means employers have an immediate need for new technicians, acknowledge that the field requires substantial training, and are willing to offer training on the job to qualified job applicants. 

Today, wind turbines are appearing all over the country. You can see them stretching into the skyline of big cities as well as erected out in the countryside of smaller towns and rural areas. They are providing much-needed natural, sustainable energy that will help make the earth a healthier, more cost efficient place to live in the future.

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Training as a Wind Turbine Technician in the UK

Siemens is recognised as the leading company for training within the wind industry. Siemens has a long tradition of training nationally and regionally and the new £8 million training centre in Newcastle is its most recent investment.

The centre has dedicated areas containing wind, steam and gas turbines and generator technology, where employees and apprentices are trained in an environment closely resembling that which they will experience in the field. The training centre demonstrates Siemens’ long term commitment to the energy industry and a determination to build a pipeline of skills for the UK. The training centre incorporates the wind power training school, a unique training environment in the UK.


About the wind power training school


Opened in 2009 in response to the needs of the rapidly growing wind power business in the UK, especially Round 3, Siemens needed to develop its UK capability and until then training was done externally. A Siemens-own centre would ensure quality of training, especially in key areas like Health and Safety, in line with its Zero Harm policy. Siemens chose to develop the centre in the existing facility in Newcastle as it is a central location for East and North West for Round 3 developments.


Siemens has made a £4m investment in kitting out the centre including a 2.3MW and 3.6MW training nacelle, training towers and electrical and mechanical work stations. The school is the most comprehensive site of its kind in the UK and one of only four such sites globally (others Siemens training centres in Brande, Bremen, and Houston).


The training centre focuses on two core areas: safety and technical skills, replicating as far as possible ‘real-life’ field conditions. A major focus is equipping technicians who are new to the wind power industry with the complete set of skills they need to service onshore and offshore wind turbines. Another priority is up-skilling experienced technicians, whether they support the renewables industry or conventional power plants. Wind power training school now offers up to Level 4 Training of wind power technicians. Our goal is to develop to the highest - Level 7. Last year around 350 service technicians were trained.


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