How is Artificial Intelligence affecting the engineering industry?

For years, technology experts have been fascinated with the notion of artificial intelligence and how a machine could potentially replicate the capabilities of a human. Whilst a highly complex process, AI is already embedded in our society and integrated into daily activities. AI is now becoming more popular in engineering and industrial practice, with some of the most innovative and exciting ways of utilising AI being within the engineering industry.

Digital connections in oil and gas

People are now looking into how AI will affect the future of the engineering industry. In manufacturing, AI could allow us to develop machinery that is capable of performing complex manufacturing tasks with the ultimate objective of creating a machine that can both learn and improve without human involvement. 

These development plans are causing many engineers to be concerned how this will affect their jobs in the near future. Whilst at some point, there is a potential for machinery to replace certain areas of the engineering market, it will, however, create a need for new, skill engineers in differing positions.

Artificial intelligence relies quite heavily on big data and algorithmic learning processes. Machine learning is viewed as one of the most exciting tools of AI and is heavily dependant on data flow. With the correct data and algorithms, a machine is capable of learning and refining a process. The key goal of AI  isn't just to create a system that can learn but to create a machine that is capable of learning and have the ability to refine its procedures. In many places, there are widespread fears concerning the rise of automation. As machines begin to replace humans in certain jobs, there are concerns that we will eventually lead to no requirement for people. However, most industry specialists agree that the long-term benefits of automation will be higher than the potential drawbacks. AI is providing a range of new opportunities in engineering and the ability to face some of the biggest challenges in our society today.

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