How can I entice more females to join my company?


Diversity is now a widely-recognised term and companies are more than aware of its meaning. 

The first step in diversifying your workforce with more female talent is understanding the need to do so and establishing the benefit of actionizing this need. 

Unlike 90s Mel Gibson, we can't assume ‘what women want’. However, Airswift and Energy Jobline’s market-leading survey, the Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) plans to reveal what females look for in a career. 

Do women want higher salaries, or is job security the most important factor to consider?

If you’re a female professional wanting to enable energy companies to make career opportunities more catered to a female’s wants and needs, or if you’re a male professional that wants to speak up about the prospects of having a more diverse workforce, we strongly encourage you to complete the GETI survey today.  

The GETI report highlights current projected employment trends, sector/regional developments and provides the most comprehensive source of salary and benefits information currently available to the energy industry. 

Complete the GETI survey today to put your stamp on the world’s largest energy workforce report.


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