How a diverse workforce can enhance your business

Energy Jobline interviews Janette Marx, Global COO of leading energy staffing agency, Airswift on how diverse, multicultural and inclusive businesses have a distinct advantage over their competitors. 


Diversity is one hot topic. Something that started out as a policy businesses felt they should apply to improve brand perception is now becoming a competitive advantage for businesses on a global spectrum. With many industries experiencing skills shortages and immense gaps in the balance of their workforces, diversity is now globally recognisedas not just an enhancement, but a catalyst for success.

Energy Jobline recently interviewed with Janette Marx, who began her career in recruitment at Olsten (now acquired by Adecco) and progressed to be the Global COOof Airswift, an international workforce solutions provider within energy. Janette is truly passionate about the importance of diversity in business, particularly within the energy/engineering space, which are highly male-dominated sectors. We wanted to find out what diversity means to an industry leader and just how valuable this can be to businesses today.

“I think diversity is diversity of experience, diversity of thought and diversity of how people approach similar problems in different ways.” Said Mrs Marx.

“The more diverse a group is, the better. Whether it’s where people come from, how they were raised, what their economic situation is or has been, who they are as a person, true diversity is when you have as many different types of individuals in a room. This leads you to a much better outcome than if you have the same types of people with the same background all contributing to an end result.”

Without a diverse workforce, especially for global businesses, you’re essentially lessening your company’s growth potential. Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This ties into the people you employ. If you’re operating teams full of like-minded people that are all supportive of an unsuccessful idea, your business or perhaps that team in particular will continue making the same mistakes without identifying their errors.  

“No matter what country you arrive in, you have a different set of cultures and a different set of expectations,” Janette continues.

“You have a different way of approaching either client relationships, your own staff or the contractors/consultants you will be working with on a daily basis. Some cultures are very outspoken and will speak their minds immediately, whereas others are more reserved.”

“I quite enjoy being in a room full of completely different people, who have different ways of approaching business. You want to ensure that every voice is heard, no matter who they are or where they’re from. Everybody has something valuable to share when they’re sitting in a meeting like that otherwise they wouldn’t be in the room.”

A large part of Airswift’s business as a recruitment firm, is establishing how to build a high performance team and bringing innovative recruitment solutions to the table. 

“It’s helping our clients to have enough people to select from, to have diverse teams and to make sure that you have a diverse candidate pool to select from.”

“This is provided to our customers to ensure they make the best technical selection for them.”

Energy Jobline will be interviewing a number of industry leaders about the topics of diversity and inclusion over the forthcoming months. If you’re interested in listening in to our Diversity & Inclusion webinar on 20th October, or you would like to feature in the webinar, please contact Grace Kimberley for more information: (

Stay tuned for the next release of our interview with Janette Marx.

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