Harold Hamm believes Trump will prevent terrorism and get energy policies back on track

Republican conference

This Monday kicked off the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The event entails delegates of the US Republican Party deciding, after a number of speeches and discussions, who will be nominated for President and Vice President of the United States in the presidential election. This year, the two favourites are Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

The convention is a highly publicized event and has already seen a huge amount of coverage and backlash in the press. Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump presented a speech at the convention and was immediately criticized for ‘copying’ Michelle Obama’s democratic convention speech, which she conducted when Obama was in the running for President eight years ago.

One speech that has also caught the public’s attention is that of Harold Hamm’s. Hamm is the chairman and CEO of Continental Resources, a self-proclaimed American ‘oil champion’. He also acts as an advisor to Donald Trump regarding energy policies and is rumoured to be selected as Secretary of Energy if Trump wins the November election.

In his speech at the convention, Hamm slates President Barack Obama in his approach towards the energy industry and even claims that, in his own words, Obama wanted to “crucify America’s oil and natural gas producers”. He also stated that Hilary Clinton is looking to do very much the same. According to Hamm, the American people should embrace energy independence, not eliminate it and that Trump will create millions of jobs by supporting America’s most “strategic geo-political weapon, crude oil.”

Some of Hamm’s points were definitely controversial and have already generated a huge amount of uproar, particularly with Democratic Party members and supporters. Hamm believes that the point of climate change should not be in America’s best interest and that terrorism should be a more pivotal focus. He even went as far to say, “Climate change is not our biggest problem, its Islamic terrorism.” and “When we can’t drill here, terrorism is being funded.”

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