Green GB Week: Household names pave the way for climate action


A total of 30 of the UK's leading companies outline new pledges for tackling climate change in light of the government-held Green GB Week initiative. 

Household names such as HSBC, EDF Energy, Amazon, John Lewis Partnership are among the large companies ramping up their climate change pledges this week in support of Green GB Week, which runs from Monday 15th to Friday 19th October.

Targets range from the accelerating the operations of green delivery vehicles to steady increases in green energy investment, with the 30 firms having promised a range of pledges to help kick their environmental impact. 

Justin Laney, partner and general manager of general transport at the John Lewis Partnership says: "We have been pioneering the adoption of long-distance biomethane trucks in the UK and scaling this up to our entire heavy truck fleet will deliver significant environmental and operational benefits,"

"Five biomethane trucks produce the same emissions as one diesel lorry and they are also much quieter, helping reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution but also noise pollution in our cities."

Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry stressed the business community will be crucial to the decarbonisation process.

"Governments cannot confront this unprecedented global challenge alone," she said. "We need businesses around the world to step up to the mark and today our largest companies are leading the way, making significant pledges worth millions to cut emissions while continuing to grow the green economy."


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