Google to map the potential of UK domestic solar energy generation

Google has announced it is making plans to use satellite imagery to create a solar map of the potential of rooftop solar PV in Britain. Google intends to expand and develop their interests in the renewable energy industry.

US Solar Roof
The data provided could be utilised to support households across Britain to install solar panels on their rooftops and reduce their overall energy bills. Combining imagery from Google Maps and the Google Earth tools, Google intends to measure the total amount of sunlight captured on every rooftop annually. This will be achieved by utilising a range of weather data, the positioning of the sun, rooftop size and potential shadowing from nearby buildings or trees.

The project will also include machine learning to develop a device that can measure the overall ‘solar’ potential of each rooftop in a matter of seconds. Project ‘Sunroof’ is due to develop throughout Europe in collaboration with E.ON and is due to include mapping plans of the UK.

E.ON has made plans to develop the online tool for each country it supplies energy to as part of a strategic move towards household energy systems. The collaboration with E.ON includes over seven million rooftops within Germany and will combine the solar and battery service offerings provided by E.ON to measure how much each household could potentially save. 
Project Sunroof has supported E.ON with expanding its solar and business division by over 200% in 2017. Now E.ON has made plans to proceed with an asset sway worth nearly £40 billion with rival business RWE to remove its large-scale power generation facilities and focus further on local energy services.

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