Google is investing heavily into clean energy… Why?


Google has just confirmed it will be investing high amounts of money into clean energy in preparation for two new wind projects, which are set to be constructed in Norway and Sweden and will be used to generate power for Europe’s Google data centres. Google has bought more than 2.5 gigawatts of renewable energy from across the globe; roughly the equivalent of two large nuclear power plants and a near on 12 years’ supply of energy.

The power generated will be specifically used to aid in Google’s infrastructure that operates its IT services. This includes searching, advertising, cloud computing etc.

So, why the sudden clean energy craze, Google? According to the leading search engine, it plans to provide power to everything operational that the business requires with renewable energy solely. This is a great opportunity for professionals working in the renewable sector interested in renewables jobs in Sweden and Norway. Google also sealed a clean energy project in 2010 and a wind farm was built in Iowa for similar purposes.  

“We’ve known for a long time that reducing energy usage and using renewables makes good business sense – we signed our first major power purchase agreement for 114 MW of Iowa wind in 2010,” said Marc Oman, EU energy lead at Google Global Infrastructure.

Google isn’t the only company that, although not specifically working in the energy sector, has switched to a more ‘green’ approach when it comes to generating power for their business. Sainsbury’s has recently revealed that they are cooperating with energy companies such as E.ON and Geothermal International to power their stores on energy efficient heating, hot water and cooling. Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon are also among the Internet giants that have made clean energy a focal point for its power generation in recent years.

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