Google expands its commitment to renewable energy

Google is the leading business for purchasing renewable energy and has recently agreed on four new major contracts that will add a further 536MW of wind power to its impressive energy portfolio. The four contacts include a combination of several wind farms owned and operated by Avangrid in South Dakota, EDF in Iowa and an additional wind farm in Oklahoma owned by Enel.

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The Enel site is expected to be operational early next year with the other sites forecast to be active in 2019. Once complete and operational, Google will be using nearly 2400 MW of clean energy in the USA and approximately 3,200 MW of energy worldwide.

Lying behind Google is Amazon, the second largest consumer of renewable energy with an installed capacity of just over 1200MW within the USA. It relies on a wind farm, operated by Avangrid in North Carolina to power its company web service division (AWS).

With these additional contracts, Google will now be able to rely entirely on renewables for all of its US operations. Google energy consumption is significantly high with the volume of searches on the site annually measuring in the trillions, the company requires a lot of power and so it is a huge achievement to the business and an example of what other companies can achieve.

The director of global infrastructure, Gary Demasi highlighted how projects such as the Avangrid site bring additional value through further investments into the communities where Google operate. Demasi believes that economic opportunities are increasing rapidly and quicker than expected due to significant reductions in solar and wind costs, driving higher employment growth and a quicker transition to clean energy schemes. Most of the company’s renewable energy sources are wind power, with the rest coming from solar power.
Other large businesses such as Apple are following in the footsteps of Google and are getting close to purchasing enough renewable energy to cover all the energy they consume in a year. Even if this was achieved, it is likely that Google will remain the biggest corporate buyer of renewable energy based on its colossal energy requirement.
Google continues to purchase renewable energy worldwide and as a result, is paving the way for other larger businesses. Explore the latest solar jobs and wind jobs available within the renewable energy industry worldwide.

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