Google boasts new method that has cut its energy usage by 15%


Google is really setting an example to other technology giants, with the search engine already investing heavily in clean energy and now cutting its own energy usage by 15%, it was revealed today. The company has used artificial intelligence (AI) to manage its energy usage much more effectively than humans are capable of. 

Google’s servers power an astronomical amount of web streams, web searches and social media sites, meaning it contributes to roughly 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This information has clearly pushed the Search Engine leader to make an increased effort with clean energy, as the company has recently been investing tremendous amounts of money into improving its energy efficiency in the cleanest way possible.

According to Google, the company has proved that it is possible to cut total energy use by 15% after initiating AI from a British machine learning company called Deepmind. Google owns Deepmind, after buying it for £400 million two years ago. Co-founder of Deepmind, Mustafa Suleyman, has said the complexity of the machine learning used has provided such efficient algorithm that human efforts simply can't compare.

He said: “It’s one of those perfect examples of a setting where humans have a really good intuition they’ve developed over time but the machine learning algorithm has so much more data that describes real-world conditions (five years in this case).”

“It’s much more than any human has ever been able to experience, and it’s able to learn from all sorts of niche little edge cases seen in the data that a human wouldn’t be able to identify. So it’s able to tune the settings much more subtly and much more accurately.”

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